The simple things.


An innocent trip to Walgreens started out as picking up a few items, but progressed to needing the little carry basket, and then, all out, the full meal deal. THE CART!

It didn't end until 61 items later! And that didn't include the MASSIVE CLIMAX of four gift cards, one of which could be loaded, with as much as $500!

The receipt was every bit of 40 inches long.

Goddess Fantasea pointed in my direction and proudly stated to the clerk: "Every girl should own one".

As a follow up to Walgreens, she directed me to our next stop, an adult store up the road. I never know what to expect, I'm usually in the dark on these things. So be it. All part of the power exchange, as I see it.

She had me pretty worked up by the time we actually went in to the place. We walked around a bit. She stopped in front of a manikin of a woman in fishnets. She pointed her finger at the manikin's feet and told me to kiss them.

The place was almost empty, and we seemed to be out of sight, so I got down on my knees and kissed the foot. Wow.

I thought I was done, so moved to get up. "Stay there, on you knees". Oh god.

"Now, follow me, on all fours". Oh no. I lowered my head, so I could follow, and not be looking at the help in the store. I'm glad I missed their stares. Then she introduced herself to a couple of the store clerks, men. "And this is my sub". It was devastating.

I kept my head down. I just tried to console myself by focusing on her legs, such shapely, strong legs. From my position on the floor, I couldn't see much above her knee. But that was enough, as she stood there conversing with the guys who were serving her.

She made quite a statement with our visit. They all know now that she is a Domme, and there isn't any doubt that I'm her sub. I don't think they'll be forgetting us soon.


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