Where to begin this time? Well, another trip to Walgreens last Friday. This time my Goddess bee-lined right to the gift card rack. She found several, I said SEVERAL, that offered the variable load. From $100, up to $500. Each time she picked one in consideration, I tried to whisper to her "No, please", but my begging fell on deaf ears. When she had collected her favorites, I was aghast at what I would have to pay. As I was trying to comprehend it all, she pointed to her sandaled feet, and instructed me to kneel and kiss them. Right in the middle of the aisle, I did it. I didn't want to see anyone, but Goddess assured me that people at the far end of the aisle ca

ught quite an eyeful.

When we arrived at the cashier, and asked her to load each of the three cards to the max with my cc, mercifully, there w

as a moment of relief, for my wallet. "We can only load these with cash, its our new policy."


But my relief was short lived. For we were off to the mall now. By the end of it, I had learned all about Lilly Pulitzer. She's expensive. My Goddess asked me which of two dresses would look best on her. I picked one. Later at the register I discovered this simple little number cost $300. But by now there was an entire bag full of items. At which point my Black Queen took a moment to speak with the black clerk, just to clarify the situation: "Oh we're not having sex". "I am a Dominatrix, and he's my sub. I own him."

By the way she stumbled for an answer, I think the clerk was more shocked than I.


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