Bratty Raver Domme.

It has been a while. Too long.

This morning I knelt in Her honor. I bowed my head and thought of Her. I was thankful for Her.

Tonight, she has given me permission to kneel again, to kneel for her while She is at a concert with Her B/f. He is young, virile. She had me purchase their tickets. She will rave. While I crave.

She will rave. While I crave. Yes, crave, because She is controlling my release(s). It has been so long. I messaged Her today, hoping to spark some small pity for my plight of denial. The weekends are always the worst. Too much time to think of Her. Time to reflect on what She does to me. Time to think of how I need Her. She has given me permission to add this apropos photo. "My Fate" Her denied.

-Her cucked yankee

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