Generational Worship

i had already served Godly Mother this season, by sending Her gift cards for the shower, in celebration of another birth, coming soon.

And then another service, a birthday card, complete with gratuity, to celebrate Her youth.

This time, it sounded like a chance to give, in person. My heart jumped when i asked Goddess, "Shall i give to Her, from my knees?" And my cock twitched, when She responded with "Of course".

It was exciting indeed. To meet the Mother of my Goddess. The one that birthed Her, shaped Her into the beautiful young Domme that owns me; cock, wallet and soul.

And so it was set, to meet at 10 30 at a little park, rather private, but busy enough that a patron or two might get a glimpse. A glimpse of a white boy, dropping to his knees in front of two black females. But they wouldn't know the excitement that he felt coursing through his veins, kneeling, giving, to Mother and Daughter.

i arrived, a little ahead of them. That gave me a few moments to ready myself for their arrival.

Minutes later, a black KIA drove in, and passed in front of me. Goddess drives a black KIA, but there was no recognition paid from the vehicle. And then, suddenly, another black KIA, and this one gave a little honk of the horn, a siren call of sorts, to follow. The side windows were darkly tinted. i couldn't tell if Goddess was alone, or with another passenger.

But i knew that i must follow. And it felt good, just accepting it. Allowing my Goddess to determine where to go in the park, letting Her assess the risks of having people see the acts of submission that were about to unfold.

She found a place where we could park the vehicles, away from most folks, but likely within the view of a few. i pulled in next to Her. She dropped Her window and asked, "Where is your blindfold?"

By now, i could see that there was another person sitting next to Goddess, but She was definitely out of view. The blindfold, was intended to keep her physical identity from me. So She would be elevated above the pig, right from the very first meeting. She would be able to look at me, but She would be properly kept from my view.

"i couldn't find the blindfold, but i will pull the brim of my hat down over my eyes" i offered.

Goddess instructed me to get out of my vehicle, and kneel.

There was no hesitation on my part. Even if eyes were on us, i was happy to get down on my knees for these two black women. The hat, turned out to be perfect. A blindfold would have left me completely sightless, but the hat did allow me to see just enough to set me crazy.

Goddess introduced Her "Godly Mother". i saw Her come to stand directly in front of me. My restricted vision allowed me only a partial view of this woman, seeing Her, only from the knee down.

i had no idea of what to expect. She was wearing a full length, flowing garb, with a colorful flowered print. It was light and airy, flowing easily in the morning breeze. There was delicateness to it all, that i just hadn’t expected, a sophistication even.

i could see Her feet, protruding out from the bottom of Her dress. i was surprised. Brown, yes of course, but more toned and slender than i had expected, especially from a Mother that had just given birth. Her feet, they looked young, and appealing.

Amidst this special moment, i heard Goddess ask the question, “What do you say to Godly Mother?”

“Thank You Godly Mother” “Thank you for birthing this wonderful Goddess”

And then, with a deep breath, my confession: “i am a pig Godly Mother” “i am a white pig”

With that, i reached into my left pocket and produced the favor for Her.

i held it up, offering it, for Her to take from me, “Thank You for taking from me”.

i felt the bills leave my fingers.

Goddess suggested that Godly Mother give the sum back to me, and that i offer the bills to Her, from my mouth.

i held them once more for the taking. i felt them being removed again by Her.

i was like the obedient dog, proudly offering the prize to its Master, holding it gently, with a soft mouth, to be taken, so effortlessly.

With my giving, i asked if i might be afforded the opportunity to kiss the feet of Godly Mother.

She raised one, ever so slightly off the ground. i was forced to bend even deeper for Her, to kiss this shapely black foot. i kissed gently, and then She offered me the second one. i kissed again. Ummmmmm

“And do you have something for me” i heard Goddess ask, amidst my bliss.

i reached into my other pocket, and brought out a tribute for Goddess. A tribute, due, for arranging such a special meeting, between Godly Mother, and Daughter’s pig.

Goddess was pleased with my contribution, and offered Her feet for me to kiss. First one, then the other.

Kissing the four black feet of the women in the family was just simply too much for me. It didn’t help that Goddess was wearing a silver anklet, that drew my attention immediately.

i was completely oblivious now, to the world, to my surroundings. As i kissed, i began to verbally cum for them. For anyone, and everyone to see and hear.


And then the ‘money shot’ of the mental orgasm , the ejaculation, the capitulation: “THANK YOU FOR TAKING FROM ME”

Goddess knew then, that i was spent.

She announced that they would be leaving now, and gently bid me: “Have a nice day”.

i heard two car doors close. i was going to stay on my knees until they had left, giving the onlookers one more submissive act to assess. Something that any woman onlooker would want to share with her friends over drinks or coffee.

But as Goddess and Mother began to drive away, i heard Her release me: “You can get up now”



The black KIA left the park, and i was careful not to follow. i had too much respect, i didn’t want to invade their privacy. Besides, i still had other things pressing upon me. i had already removed the clamps that had numbed my nipples. But the cock ring that i had securely placed at the base of my shaft, was beginning to bite, burning its constant reminder of what had just happened.

And then there was the thought of Godly Mother, who had seen me clearly from her vantage. She might even recognize my vehicle about town. Someday, i may hear a woman’s voice behind me whisper “Hello Pig”. i will know better than to turn around. i will feel a twitch in my pants, and simply accept Her reminder, that this is my lot in life. And until She does allow me to see more than just Her feet, i will have to look at every black woman in town as though She may be the Godly Mother. The one that knows me. The one that takes satisfaction, knowing, that i am the pig that is serving Her Goddess Daughter.


- darling yankee

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