How badly would a sub like to have a slice ofthat birthday cake, the one with Goddess Fantasea on top? Yes, She is the icing on the cake!

What would a sub have to do in order to secure a taste, just a little bite?

Start by knowing your Goddess. If You do, you will know Her mantra: Worship. Pay. Obey.


Every good sub knows that worship is one of the cornerstones of service. Maybe first, walk a mile in Her shoes. With that, how can you make Her day a little bit better? How can you comfort Her? How can you please Her physically? Of course, only within Her established boundaries. If you are lucky, She will allow you to kiss Her beautifully manicured size 8s.


Oh, yes, you must pay. Pay dearly, and pay thankfully. Just as a pig should. Start with your wallet. Open it wide for Her. As you are paying in the conventional way, don’t stop there. Pay with your balls. Offer them chaste to Her. Beg Her to take them under key, or even virtual key. Yes, give physically to Her. Then give Her your heart. And give Her your soul.


Yes, obey this beautiful Goddess. After you have given your all to Her, and She has left you as an empty shell of a pig, what more can you give? You offer Her Your unconditional obedience. That She may take some more of you. That She may take your emptiness, and from it, mold you as She sees fit. So that the circle is complete, and She owns you, completely.

Yes, this is the price to pay, just to earn that little slice of Her. It’s the thin edge of the wedge, just one small sliver of cake.

May I please have seconds?


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