A Christmas treat.

It was Day 11

Eleven days that She had forbidden me to cum for Her.

And i hadn't seen Her in months. Months and months.

Such an absence can shake one's confidence, or, even test one's resolve. Especially as She matures, and expands Her stable of subs.

Had things changed? What would our first encounter of the new season be like?

It was to be a Christmas exchange. She had worked with me to arrange a cash meet, just ahead of Christmas. It was the best way for me to fulfill Her Christmas wish. Well, Her Christmas wishes.

The gifts had been picked out weeks beforehand, so at least i had the amount that needed to be gifted. And it was no small sum. But it was important to start the season off on the right foot, or, on the right knees as it turned out.

i was at the appointed meeting place ahead of Her. A Domme should not be kept waiting. And, after all, it was a longer drive for Her (Thank You for taking the time Goddess).

As the anticipation grew, i began to think about how we would connect in this rather open outdoor space. It occurred to me that even if we didn't have all of the privacy we would need, we could create a little of our own by parking our two vehicles next to each other, but facing opposite directions. If need be, two open driver doors would give some cover to a white bitch kneeling to his black Domme.

In my general state of nervousness, i suddenly remembered that i had my nipple clamps with me. While i was waiting for Her, it seemed right to apply each of the clamps to a nipple. My rather loose fitting shirt would hide the shape of the clamps. It didn't take long for the horny sensation to completely course through me. Ahhhhhhhhh

And then She arrived. We drove our vehicles to a location in the park where i had served Her before. She greeted me with a smile, and went to sit on a picnic table. "Bring that blanket from the trunk" i heard Her command.

After situating it on the table for Her to sit on, She told me to kneel to Her.

She was a sight to behold, wearing a little short top with enough buttons undone to allow for a peek-a-boo look into Her cleavage. i couldn't really see anything definitive, but it was enough to render me weak for Her. It was such a tease, just to ponder what that bra was cradling... Oh, and below the shirt was her nice trim midsection, complete with such a cute little bellybutton. Oh, so sexy.

And the rest of Her. Those tattered pants with the built-in holes for ogling, and kissing Her silky black skin.

But i was on my knees.

In this submissive position, it was just second nature to ask Her if i could give. Even with all of the elapsed time between our meetings, it just came out of me. Somehow when i wasn't looking, She seems to have successfully conditioned me for giving.

But it wasn't good enough for me to simply ask for Her permission, She made me plead to give to Her. And i did. Because it all suddenly felt so good. So right. Like we were the only two people in the world. There were no other considerations to get in the way.

i had an envelope of bank notes. Plus a little surprise. A gas card to help Her with the travel expense. She liked that, me thinking above and beyond the expected sum.

She made me count it out. One by one, placing each bill on Her lap. "One, two, three...thirteen, for the presents", "One, for the tax". "And two more for the hotel expense".

And then, i was spent. She had emptied me. Drained me.

i might have hoped that She would allow me to kiss Her ass, as a finale. But apparently one of the bills had been reversed, so She denied me of that final pleasure. i asked if She might allow me to gently kiss Her cheek, as a seal of the g

glorified gifting...

And then something else hit me. i was still wearing the nipple clamps that were sending erotic signals through my body. i raised my shirt for Her to see. For Her approval. That i might suffer in this way for Her too.

She lit up again. Happy to see the full extent of my predicament. She took a photo of the metal clasps, grabbing the pert flesh of my nipples.

Yes. She owns those too.


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