The Northerner.

She wanted me to write for Her. To once again expose myself for Her. To lay myself bare on the page for Her. Completely naked, and vulnerable.

So far, i have failed on Her request. Only because i owe Her my best…

It has been three days. Three days since She allowed me to cum for Her. That means that i have enjoyed two days of complete peace. But today, is the third day. The day that my physiology awakens, and takes over. Or more to the point, that inevitable physiology that allows Her to take over.

Yesterday, She seeded my third day. All it took was one photo, one little tease of Her beauty, Her Power.

Today, She caught me, for a few minutes on Skype. A few minutes, is all it took. She confirmed that She had drained the gift cards that I had arranged for Her. She has a lot of experience draining my gift cards.

And She confirmed that i must once again go back to the practice of seeking Her permission to cum. Everytime, i want to cum, i must ask for, and receive Her permission, before i may orgasm.

She also told me that She had rethought Her Christmas wish. That i would receive it later today.

And, She reminded me again that i was to write for Her. An account of Her milking me. An account of Her milking my wallet. And She had one more request…that i should finish my writing, with my admission, that i wanted more of it...

By now, my three day cock was beginning to twitch for Her. i felt the start of arousal in its head, a feeling that was completely beyond my control. And the slightest of tingles in the shaft. And even worse, the light flush of blood running to my pasty white face.

That is why i have failed on Her writing mission so far. i simply couldn’t handle it, the power She holds over me. My cock was leaking for Her now. Urgently wanting Her to touch me.

I will write for Her. Sometime on the weekend. When i can be alone, and fully Hers, for all the time it takes to please Her.

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