Bèl Rèn ... Beautiful Queen

Creating Goddess Fantasea's Website has been a joyful and

laborious process, and in many ways, an incredible learning experience. I quickly found that there is nothing of greater importance than pleasing this uniquely beautiful and extraordinarily brilliant Goddess. A demanding taskmaster

at times, She knows Her Mind, and accepts no compromise.

As a result, She has pushed me to produce my best work;

in exchange She has given new purpose and meaning to my

life. In a very brief amount of time, Her happiness became paramount. Using my artistic talents toward that end has become my joy, and nothing else matters nearly as much.

And my education continues. Portraying Goddess in the best

possible light was always my objective; I believe She is the

most innately sensual woman to ever walk this planet, and therefore deserves to be represented as such. With a minimal amount of words Goddess has also schooled me in the realm

of power exchange, and She does it so effortlessly. It took a

while to realize that this undertaking had begun, even though

She clearly states it in Her text. As my adoration for Goddess Fantasea continues to grow I find that I gladly surrender any remnants of self importance, and look forward to the tiniest

trace of Her attention. Meanwhile She of course grows more

empowered, and as I've watched this play out it has only

served to fill me with even more admiration for Her, because

She truly is a Goddess. She is the real deal, and I am grateful

just to be of service.

-Princess Pastiche

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