I opened the door of the car for her. She got in, and presented her foot for kissing. I knelt on the ground, but

I could reach her with my lips, I heard her command "Apologize". Her pig had squealed over last weeks heavy draining.

"Drive north" was her next instruction. It felt like the mall, again.

We ended up stalled in road repair. She told me to slip my pants down. "Put this on" (the loop). Just as I had it placed around my shaft and balls, she reached for it and yanked it tight, and for good measure give it another little pull. I probably yelped as it grabbed all of me.

I felt myself getting hard as I slipped my pants up.

"Do you know where we're going?"

I hesitated, and she answered for me "We're going to the mall"

This, despite my squeals from last weeks drain


My cock was getting harder with every word.

"Tell me what I have"

I looked at her with fear in my eyes. I knew what she wanted to hear. I tried to get it out, but it was a whisper.

"Louder" she barked.

"You have no limits" I managed to get out, and my cock stiffened again.

"I want you to write about this on Findoms"

"Yes Goddess"

Suddenly we were at our destination.

We parked. I got out of the car, and went around to open her door.

"Hide that boner you have for me"

I tried to adjust it in my pants, but with the loop so tight, it was a hard-on that just wouldn't quit.

The best I could do was pull my shirt out of my pants and let it fall over the bulge as she walked me and my c/c into the store.


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