Mental Sadism

A submissive mind is simply a toy; like play dough I mold it to My desire. I believe women hold true power over the male species but few can conjure it, and I am one of the few.

A pig like you belongs beneath Me.

Mental financial domination is my kink.

Everything in life starts with the mind. Before we complete an action we visualize it mentally.


I plant My seed in your brain and watch as My roots anchor and conquer your mind. My wishes soon become your actions. you are no longer your own person; your are My property.

I take advantage of you mentally, physically, and financially. All the while I teach you how to properly worship and praise your owner;


Slowly becoming my personal human toy.


What I desire is complete control over your total being. 


I believe in female supremacy. Society lied to you and has you believing those like you run supreme. Haven't you ever wondered.. If a 'man' with your status bows down before a Me.. how many higher than you do the same? you all fight for reign over the seven kingdoms, while I rule all seven kingdoms within you all.  your true state is kneeling before Me begging for love, acceptance and the privilege of giving.


Become a shell of the man you once were.

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